Polyester Texturised Yarns

Offered for the following applications:

  • For the production of circular and flat knitted goods 
  • For the weaving of zippers, ribbons and elastic tapes
  • For the  manufacturing of warp-knitted curtains

Our choice of products: semidull, raw-white or dope-dyed black, even with high filament number, set or HE, intermingled or twisted.

Titers: dtex 167 set, dtex 167×2, dtex 110/36×2 HE

Technical properties:

Tenacity: min. 290 mN/Tex

Elongation at break: 25 + – 5 %

CV: 13 %

Crimping : 14-19 %

Places of intermingles per meter : min. 100

Shrinkage: max. 6 %

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Minimum quantity per order: one pallett, cca.550 kg

Presentation: 6 kg cylindrical spools

Packing: in blockpaket, pallettised

Our producer partners are ISO qualified.

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Polyester Texturised Yarns