Polyester Staple Fibre

Offered for the following applications:

  • for spinning with different titers and cut length, e.g.cotton type dtex 1,7/38 mm, wool type dtex 3,3/66 mm
  • for vlies production, nonwoven applications, dtex 4,4/76 mm with enhanced elongation, dtex 6/66 mm, dtex 17/66 mm
  • for fiberfill, home textiles, pillows, mats, PE balls etc., dtex 6/66 mm, dtex 7,8/66 mm HCS, HC

Our choice of products: raw-white, semidull, certain types dope dyed black

  • dtex 1,7/38 mm (cotton type);
  • dtex 3,3/ 57-66 mm (wool type);
  • dtex 4,4/76 mm (with enhanced elongation for vlies production);
  • dtex 6/55-66 mm (filling type, non siliconised);
  • dtex 7,8/66 mm (hollow fiber for filling, conjugated, siliconised, non siliconised)
  • dtex 17/66 mm (filling type, non-woven type, non siliconised)

Packing: in pressed bales, packed in PP fabrics, banded

MOQ: 1 bale (approx. 300 kgs)

Our producer partners are ISO qualified.

For technical details and prices please contact our staff!

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Polyester Staple Fibre