Polyester Technical Yarns

Offered for a wide range of applications:

  • We are offering one ply yarns and multiplied threads twisted in complex structures for the production of twines, ropes and nets. Especially offered for products, exposed to sunlight or UV radiation, polyester is UV resistant, much more than polypropilene.
  • For big-bag (FIBC) manufacturing our yarns are offered as sewing thread as well as for the sewing of other technical fabrics where high tenacity is required. (HT type)
  • For the production of tarpauline we suggest our yarn types in one ply form, non-adhesive activated for PVC covering.
  • For plasic industry application we offer HT types for the production of reinforced composites.
  • For rubber industry we offer our adhesive activated yarns in one ply or multiply form, for the production of EP fabrics for conveyor belts, hoses, tyres, other rubber products.

Our choice of products: dtex 1100 – dtex 6600 one and multiply, twisted, HT

Presentation: 10 kg cylindrical spools

Packing: in blockpackets, shrinkwrapped, pallettised

Technical properties:

PES technical yarn specification
PES technical yarn
Linear density
Application Tenacity
max. %
Elongation at 45 N load
max. %
Hot air (177 °C, 2 min), %
Filament number Avivage content min.
110 Tex, M 850 HT, intermingled or twisted, non adhesive or adhesive activated Technical fabrics, tapes for rubber products, sewing thread, twines, ropes 710-730 13-14 7-7,6 5,5 200 0,5

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Minimum quantity per order: one pallett, typically 400 kg. 

Presentation: 10 kg cylindrical spools

Packing: in blockpaket, pallettised

Our producer partners are ISO qualified.

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Polyester Technical Yarns