Polyester Fully Drawn Yarns (FDY)

Offered for the following applications:

  • We are offering our yarns for the warp knitting industry, for warping.
  • As a specific application, our yarns can be used as knitting yarn at raschel maschines with weft insertion in the field of technical textiles and geogrid production.

Our choice of products: dtex 50/24, dtex 76/32 SD, RW, intermingled

Presentation: 10 kg cheeses

Packing: in blockpackets, shrinkwrapped, pallettised

Technical properties:

Tenacity:  4 cN/dtex

Elongation at break: 25 %

Shrinkage: 4-8 %

Places of intermingles per meter : min. 20

For prices please contact our staff!

Minimum quantity per order: one pallett, 600 kg

Our producer partners are ISO qualified.

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Polyester Fully Drawn Yarns (FDY)